Hands-On Workshops

ESPEN 2018 – Hands-On Workshops:
Feeding Tubes and Central Venous Catheters

Come and join us in the practical workshops on enteral and parenteral access, organized by Spanish nurses in cooperation with the Nutrition Nurses Network Netherlands (NNNN).
During these 60 min sessions, attendees will share knowledge and experience on enteral and parenteral access. The focus will be on the devices needed to administer enteral or parenteral nutrition. The aim of these practical sessions is to learn by doing and to share knowledge and best practice amongst peers.
The workshops do not require registration, you can just walk in and join, although there is a limit of 30 seats each session on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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Nutricia B BraunBaxter
– PEG-aftercare
– Replacement of gastrostomy tubes
– Nasogastric tubes: insertion, measure insertion length, check position, lemonade test.
– Use nasal bridles for fixation of nasal tubes
– (Tunneled) CVC and PICC: indication, care and complications
– Implantable port systems: indication, care and complications